The Premier EV Charging Solution for Your Short-Term Rental

At ShoreCharge, we make installing a private EV charger simple, painless, and cost-effective. You get a lucrative and eco-friendly new amenity. Your guests recharge worry-free.

Why Your Rental Needs an Electric Vehicle Charger

Installing an EV charger on your short-term rental property offers several benefits, including…

  • Attracting high-paying, tech-forward travelers – and potential repeat customers

  • Giving you a powerful competitive advantage on sites like Airbnb and VRBO

  • Demonstrating your commitment to eco-friendliness and responsibility

With more than 2 million electric vehicles in the United States and fewer than 150,000 public charging ports, there’s an undeniable gap in the market. The Department of Energy estimates that more than 28 million chargers will be needed by 2030.

Our chargers provide rapid, reliable charging access– so you can provide a game-changing experience for your guests.


Your guests scan a QR code to pay for each charging session.


There are no subscription fees or additional costs once the unit is purchased and installed.


We share the revenue earned from each charging session to help you offset the increased electricity costs.


We not only provide and install the equipment, courtesy of our experienced technicians – our systems integrate payments and hardware for a seamless experience.

ShoreCharge STR owners are calming renters’ anxiety about where to charge their vehicles - and increasing their revenue in the process.

A young woman in front of a home, leaning against an electric vehicle while it charges.

As more travelers purchase or rent EVs, you can stand above the crowd by offering exceptional convenience with a safe, enjoyable charging experience.

Not only will you increase your bookings – you’ll get a portion of the revenue every time your guests charge their vehicle on your property.

Most rentals already have the necessary electrical infrastructure and are prime candidates for our charging stations. To learn if yours is a suitable fit, contact us for a preliminary assessment.

Enhance Your Property’s Appeal with ShoreCharge’s Electric Vehicle Chargers.

In today’s market, your property must be unfailingly convenient and attractive – and show up first in search results. That means anticipating the needs of tomorrow’s renter with the amenities they’re looking for.

Travelers are driving the demand for increased EV charger access. As the premier provider of EV charging solutions for short-term rentals, ShoreCharge is committed to helping owners like you attract more renters by offering unparalleled charging accessibility.

A woman in front of a home, plugging in an electric vehicle to charge.

It’s simple: We install and maintain an EV charger on your rental property, and you watch your calendar fill with guests looking for convenient charging capabilities. Then, we share the revenue from each charging session with you.

Plus, when you add a ShoreCharge EV charger to your STR property as an amenity, you can claim a $300 Federal tax credit!

What Makes ShoreCharge Unique?

Property owners like you are uniquely positioned to help our communities shift to sustainable, eco-friendly practices. At ShoreCharge, we’re committed to helping you do just that by providing hassle-free EV charging solutions you and your guests will love.


ShoreCharge uses 4G LTE chargers because uptime and reliability are paramount.

To do our part for a better tomorrow, we want to make charging an electric vehicle more convenient than filling up a gas tank. 


We also understand how much you’ve invested to create a home your guests will love. We want to help you add even more value – without adding something else you have to maintain.

The Benefits of Partnering with ShoreCharge

Boost Rental Income

Installing a ShoreCharge unit doesn’t just enhance a property’s attractiveness – it also increases its value and allows the owner to earn extra income.

Strategic Marketing Support

All customers receive welcome packages upon the installation of their chargers. Our team provides strategic guidance to help market your property’s latest amenity and increase bookings.

Increase Booked Nights

Offering short-term rental EV charging will help fill more openings on your calendar. On some booking sites, travelers can now filter STR options by their on-location charging features.

Dedicated Customer Support

Have a question or concern? Contact the ShoreCharge team through our customer support service. We’re here to assist STR owners, as well as managers and investors.

The ShoreCharge Process: Innovation Made Simple

At ShoreCharge, we aim to make electric vehicle charging accessible, convenient, and reliable for all your rental guests. We take pride in offering cutting-edge charging solutions that cater to short-term rental needs and providing exceptional service and support throughout your journey with us.


Get started with 5 easy steps:

Step 1 -
Book a Free Home Evaluation.

During this visit, our experienced team assesses your property to determine your specific charging needs. We analyze factors like location and power availability to ensure the charging installation is seamless and efficient.

Step 2 -
Sign Your Personalized Contract.

After we assess your property, we send you our proposed project scope for your review, along with pricing details. With your signature, we’re ready to begin the installation process!

Step 3 -
Get Your New Charger Installed.

After we coordinate a date, our licensed local electricians install your new 4G Level 2 charger according to local codes, permits, and best practices and adhering to the highest safety standards.

Step 4 -
Participate in a “How it Works” Training Call.

Here, we equip you with everything you need to know as the proud new owner of a ShoreCharge EV charger, including some marketing tips to optimize your listing and get the most from your new amenity.

Step 5 -
Watch Your Bookings and Earnings Increase.

As our new partner in providing EV charging solutions, you can expect a monthly statement and associated payment for the power consumed by your EV driving guests. Plus, our toll-free customer support is available for any questions or issues you may have, and we remotely monitor your charger to ensure it’s always available.

Start Your Electric Vehicle Charging Partnership With ShoreCharge Today!

Learn how we helped 100 top brands gain success

Learn how we helped 100 top brands gain success

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