Recharging Vacationers
We install and maintain an EV charger on your rental property – so you can provide convenient, luxurious charging capabilities to renters
Earn Extra Income!
ShoreCharge shares the revenue with YOU increasing your Net Operating Income
Get a Tax Benefit!
Add a ShoreCharge EV charger to your STR property as an amenity and claim a $300 Federal tax credit!

Meet the premier provider of EV charging solutions for short-term rental owners. In today’s market, your property must be unfailingly convenient and attractive – and that means anticipating the needs of tomorrow’s renter.

Electric vehicles are the way of the future, and on-property charging options are increasingly in demand. At ShoreCharge, we make installing a private EV charger simple, painless, and cost-effective.

Attract more renters by offering unparalleled charging accessibility – and get a discount for adopting the technology before your competitors.

Why Your Rental
Needs an EV Charger

With more than 2 million electric vehicles1 in the United States and fewer than 150,000 public charging ports, there’s an undeniable gap in the market. The Department of Energy estimates that more than 28 million chargers2 will be needed by 2030.

ShoreCharge STR owners are filling this gap – and increasing their own revenue in the process. As more travelers purchase or rent EVs, you can offer them exceptional convenience and a safe, enjoyable charging experience.

Most rentals already have the necessary electrical infrastructure and are prime candidates for our charging stations. To learn if yours is a suitable fit, contact us for a preliminary assessment.

Benefits for Property Owners

High-End Renters

EV drivers are a lucrative customer group – and many will pay more for short-term rentals that offer convenient, eco-friendly charging capabilities.

Rental Income

Installing a ShoreCharge unit doesn’t just enhance a property’s attractiveness – it also increases its value and allows the owner to earn extra income.

Booked Nights

Offering short-term rental electric vehicle charging will help fill more openings on your calendar. In fact, travelers can now filter short-term rental options by their on-location charging features.


ShoreCharge equipment is 4G cloud connected – which allows for proactive maintenance.


All customers receive welcome packages upon the installation of their chargers. Our team provides strategic guidance to help market your property’s latest feature and increase bookings.

Consumer Support

Have a question or concern? Contact the ShoreCharge team through our 24/7 customer support service. We’re here to assist STR owners, as well as managers and investors.

Who benefits from our work



By providing an EV charging amenity, property owners can attract EV drivers who often struggle to find charging stations while traveling. EV driving renters pay for charging sessions. ShoreCharge shares the revenue with YOU!



Offering an eco-friendly and stress-free EV charging amenity provides a seamless vacation experience that can attract guests with electric vehicles to your properties. It is the ultimate convenience for your guests.

EV Drivers

EV Drivers

Electric vehicle drivers can enjoy rapid recharging, smart grid savings, and the convenience of recharging while relaxing. With no need for an app or monitoring, EV drivers can schedule their charging times during lower rates, eliminating range anxiety and wasted time while on the road.



Electric vehicle charging is good for the environment as it helps to reduce carbon footprint by reducing emissions associated with traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

Recommend Our EV
Charging Units to Others

Property managers, travel agents, and government utility companies can significantly benefit from recommending EV charging to STR owners. ShoreCharge units align with high-level sustainability goals and support the widespread adoption of eco-friendly travel.

Interested in referring a client to our short-term rental EV charging solutions?

If you’re a local property manager, connect your clients with our chargers to increase bookings and traveler convenience. We’re here to make life easier (and more profitable) for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, electric vehicle charging consumes a lot of power.  That’s why ShoreCharge shares the revenue with you the homeowner.

Prices may vary depending on your rental’s location and other factors. In most cases, the charger pays for itself in as little as one additional booking by an EV driver. 

Contact us for an estimated product price, as well as information about our installation fees.

Your charger will send the ShoreCharge team updates at periodic intervals, so we’ll know when your charger goes offline or malfunctions. If this happens, we’ll proactively send out an electrician to the site to repair or swap out your charger – at no additional cost to you.

Contact us for an estimated product price, as well as information about our installation fees.

All of our charging units feature charging cables that are 25 feet in length, making charging easy for a wide range of electric vehicles.

About ShoreCharge

Powering EV-driving renters with clean energy - right on your property.

With over 40 years of experience in the electrical engineering industry, we’re proud to be the leading provider of turn-key EV charging solutions. ShoreCharge was founded to meet the booming need for accessible chargers – and to get your short-term rental prepped for the future.

EVs are the next wave of innovation, and there’s no comparison for easy at-home charging services. Electric car drivers deserve to have stress-free vacations – and rental owners shouldn’t have to foot the bill for those who bring their chargers with them.

Our mission is to facilitate a win-win situation for both parties. Travelers can charge on location with ease, and property owners can add a lucrative new feature to their rental space.

For questions about ShoreCharge products or our vision, feel free to reach out.

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