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With over 40 years of experience in the electrical engineering industry, we’re proud to be the leading provider of turn-key EV charging solutions for short-term rentals. ShoreCharge was founded to meet the booming need for accessible chargers for travelers to some of the most beautiful places in the United States.
ShoreCharge - Helping Your Guests Recharge

Electric car drivers deserve to have stress-free vacations – and rental owners shouldn’t have to foot the bill for those who bring their chargers with them.

We facilitate a win-win situation for both parties. Property owners can offer a lucrative new feature to their rental space, and travelers are able to easily charge on location.

Powering a Greener Tomorrow: Convenient Clean Energy Solutions for EV Drivers and Their Communities.

Our Purpose

To create a better world by providing vehicle operators the power to reliably operate in an environmentally conscious and sustainable fashion.

Our Mission

To help EV drivers charge easily, reliably, and conveniently in a way that fits seamlessly into their daily lives.

Our Vision

To enable confident mass adoption of e-mobility by providing convenient, sustainable, and reliable electric charging solutions in underserved communities.

Our Core Values


Making the lives of EV drivers easier means making EV adoption easier.


Say what you mean, mean what you say.


We can do hard things, together.


It’s up to each of us to do our part.


Be generous and supportive of others.


Each of us has something only we can offer, and cultivating that is essential.

The Story of ShoreCharge

Transportation accounts for about one-third of all US greenhouse gas emissions. And while the US population is steadily making the switch from gas to electric-powered vehicles, EV adoption is swiftly outpacing our nation’s charging infrastructure. 

In many places, it is still more convenient—and reliable—to fill up a car’s gas tank than it is to charge a car’s battery.

a family entering a home while their electric vehicle charges
an illustrated grid pinpointing a network of EV charging stations

Nathan Dietrich and Marcus Ernst, co-founders of ShoreCharge, have worked together since 2019 after knowing each other for two decades within the electrical engineering industry. They believe that widespread EV adoption is a necessary and vital step to curbing continued ecological harm. 

In their research, Nathan and Marcus identified a gap in service for EVs.

If e-mobility is going to become the norm, EV drivers should be able to easily recharge their batteries wherever they decide to travel.

As it stands now, Level 2 EV chargers are being installed in locations where drivers spend a large portion of their time, such as their homes, work, and shopping locations. 

However, when an EV driver goes on vacation, the nearest Level 2 or 3 charger is often many miles away, requiring a driver to waste precious vacation time charging. 

The natural solution – for the driver who doesn’t want to risk being stranded – is to bring their own Level 1 charger and plug it into an outlet at their vacation property. The short-term rental owner then loses revenue because the EV driver uses the owner’s electricity to power their vehicle. 

an electric vehicle charging at a ShoreCharge EV charging station

To Nathan and Marcus, the solution that benefits both parties became clear: Provide a convenient, cost-effective way for STRs to provide their guests with powerful, user-friendly EV charging capabilities.

And the ShoreCharge Solution was born.

Meet Our Founders

Marcus Ernst, co-founder of ShoreCharge EV solutions

Marcus Ernst

co-founder & CEO

Prior to ShoreCharge, Marcus spent over 20 years becoming a trusted advisor in various sales, management, and ownership positions in the electrical industry with a focus on energy-saving products.  His desire to incorporate sustainable technology, energy savings, and environmental awareness with his electrical industry experience culminated in the co-founding of ShoreCharge.  

Marcus is a proud graduate of the University of Maryland, where he earned a BS in International Business.  In his free time, he enjoys working around the house, playing golf, and spending time with family.

Nathan Dietrich, co-founder of ShoreCharge EV charging solutions

Nathan Dietrich

co-founder & COO

Nathan has over 15 years of electrical engineering experience, and his roles have included product development, sales account management, and service team management. He is a licensed professional engineer, a United States patent holder, and holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Grove City College.

When he’s not working, Nathan enjoys spending time outside with his family and bonding over their love of baseball.

“Building ShoreCharge allows me to use my past experiences to address underserved sectoral gaps in the growing EV charging market, which is doing our part to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions while driving EV adoption.”
Marcus Ernst

The ShoreCharge Commitment

At ShoreCharge, we believe it’s possible to benefit from a greener tomorrow today.

We are committed to doing our part to reduce carbon emissions by helping combine profitability, innovation, and renewable solutions for a world where everyone benefits.

When you partner with ShoreCharge, you’re not just adding a lucrative new amenity to your short-term rental. You’re helping to shift the tide of environmental impact that makes ecological responsibility a natural part of life for every community.

Globe with trees, an ev charger, buildings, solar panels, and wind turbines around it.

Learn how we helped 100 top brands gain success

Learn how we helped 100 top brands gain success

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